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Emerging Ventures

Emerging Ventures is the Corporate Central Credit Union venture capital “fund.” Emerging Ventures will drive long term credit union viability through innovative and strategic venture investing. Through Corporate Central, Emerging Ventures capital fund leverages the strength of the organization to make strategic investments in emerging companies that may drive future success.


Emerging Ventures is targeting investments of $100,000 - $400,000 in seed, series A or series B rounds of companies that align with our strategies. These are high-risk investments. We are seeking a return on our investment appropriate for the risk, yet we are seeking strategic investments for the benefit of our members, not just financial investments. We anticipate exiting investments in 7-12 years. We prefer pooling our efforts and investments with other credit union industry investors and leveraging networks and groups such as VentureTech to find opportunities.  

We seek innovative and emerging businesses and business leaders that will benefit from our expertise and our credit union industry network. We seek opportunities to develop partnerships for delivering product and services. We seek innovative financial technology businesses that align with our strategy and directly or indirectly deliver a product or service for credit unions. Areas of interest include the following:

  • Financial Wellness – businesses that advance credit union financial wellness or provide products and services that enhance credit union members’ financial wellness.
  • Value-Added Service (via technology) – businesses that add value or enhance financial services products and services and provide credit unions a competitive advantage.
  • Ecosystem – businesses that enhance the credit union and financial services ecosystem through connectivity and integration ensuring credit unions thrive in the evolving financial services ecosystem.

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