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    January 2020

    A Note From Chris

    Happy New Year! I hope you all had some time to relax over the holidays and enjoy time with your loved ones. I hope you also had some time to reflect on all your accomplishments of 2019. I’m proud to say that 2019 was another successful year for Corporate Central. We experienced incredible growth in assets under management, new members, and service utilization; all while continuing to operate at strong capital levels. As we enter 2020 and beyond, we will focus our strategic priorities on leveraging technology to optimize the member experience and member service. We are building a robust engine for innovation utilizing machine learning, robotics, smart workflows, and artificial intelligence. We look forward to working with you and continually improving your member experience with us.

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    Chris Felton

    What’s Trending?

    Learn how to protect yourself from SIM swap scams.

    If your cell phone is your go-to device for checking your email, paying your bills, or posting to social media, you are not alone. Imagine that your cell phone suddenly stops working: no data, no text messages, no phone calls. Then picture getting an unexpected notification from your cellular provider that your SIM card has been activated on a new device. These could be signs that a scammer has pulled a SIM card swap to hijack your cell phone number.

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    Technology Solutions

    Emergifi recently introduced two new ways to assist small to mid-size credit unions.

    The first way is through domain name system (DNS) hosting. The DNS is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private Network. A DNS hosting service is a service that runs DNS servers. A domain name registrar is a company that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. Some, but not all, domain name registrars include DNS hosting services with registration. Emergifi can help avoid the potential confusion of working with multiple companies by acting as a DNS hosting service or helping credit unions manage their DNS.

    The second way is by managing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. A SSL certificate, also called a digital certificate, creates a secure link between a website and a visitor's browser. SSL encryption ensures all data passing between the website and the visitor’s browser remains private and secure and prevents hackers from stealing private information such as credit card numbers, names, and addresses. If you sell products or services on your website and accept credit cards online, you need an SSL certificate for website security. If you do not sell online, but want to add credibility to your website, a site confirm deal may be sufficient.

    Both DNS hosting and SSL certificate management are examples of how Emergifi is coming up with new ways to help free up valuable time for executives who may also oversee the IT role at their respective small to mid-size credit union. These time saving services are now included within Emergifi’s, new managed IT solution for credit unions.

    Please contact Emergifi Sales if you would like more information about DNS hosting or SSL certificate management.

    Employee Benefit Resources

    Learn ways to combat cost barriers to healthcare coverage.

    A recent healthcare study indicates the U.S. uninsured population faces cost barriers to healthcare coverage, even when employer-sponsored insurance or Affordable Care Act exchange plans are available. The average workers’ share of premiums is constantly increasing, having risen steadily by 71 percent between 2009 and 2019.

    Seven out of ten uninsured individuals were employed full-time or had a family member with full-time employment in 2018, but despite such high employment, 70 percent of those uninsured workers were not offered access to employer sponsored health plans. Of that remaining 30 percent, most (90 percent) said that the cost of employer-sponsored insurance was prohibitive. In conclusion, the study reveals that even employed and ACA eligible communities thought to be more immune to the effects of high healthcare costs are not safe from its effects.

    That’s where I-Care can help. Since 2015, I-Care has been developing lower cost healthcare options for credit union employees. I-Care not only helps to reduce insurance costs, but provides enhanced reporting, claims data analysis, and extra support for HR teams.

    For more information about I-Care and to learn ways to help your credit union employees, please contact us at (414) 433-0174 or visit us at InterLutionsCUSO.com.

    Financial Services Consulting

    QuantyPhi experienced a successful 2019.

    QuantyPhi worked with over 30 credit unions and credit union service organizations (CUSOs) to help optimize their balance sheets in 2019. QuantyPhi’s main goal is to help educate clients to better understand their balance sheets which results in better decision-making to maximize their ability to better serve their members.

    Here are some of QuantyPhi’s accomplishments in 2019:

    • Hosted annual ALM workshop in March providing a hands-on approach to balance sheet optimization
    • Introduced loan participation platform, LoanStreet, to help credit unions better manage liquidity
    • Provided a wide range of consulting to credit unions including A/L validations, loan prepayment analysis, mortgage servicing rights valuations, and training
    • Introduced an affordable solution for bond accounting services
    • Continued to enhance partnership with Corporate Central and provide exceptional service to members

    Visit QuantyPhi.com to learn more about how we can help your credit union.

    Did You Know?

    Making the move to intelligent banking involves embracing open APIs.

    For financial institutions managing legacy systems it can be challenging to innovate and develop the digital payments products today’s members expect. In fact, a complex legacy IT environment is possibly the greatest barrier to an institution’s ability to drive digital transformation. The cost of replacing and updating those systems are the most significant obstacles to adopting new technologies. That’s where fintechs come in.

    Learn More About Open APIs

    Credit Unions Connect

    Stories that exemplify the movement

    UnitedOne Credit Union helps support their community by ringing bells for Salvation Army.

    A representative from the Salvation Army awarding UnitedOne with the 1st place trophy

    UnitedOne Credit Union, located in Manitowoc, WI, helped ring bells for The Salvation Army in both Manitowoc and Sheboygan Counties, and they raised over $2,000! The credit union was awarded with the Battle of the Financials 1st place Trophy for Manitowoc.

    Connexus Cares program hits home.

    Connexus Credit Union holding a check in a warehouse for Blessings in a Backpack

    Staff members from Connexus Credit Union, located in Wausau, WI, recently volunteered with DC Everest-Wausau Blessings in a Backpack, an organization that provides food over the weekend and during summer for school children in the DC Everest, Wausau, and Mosinee school districts who may otherwise not have enough food at home. The credit union also made a $10,000 donation to the program.

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    Our Community

    Corporate Central staff volunteer at the 32nd Annual Christmas with the Vets show.

    Ramona, Dawn, Linda, and Stephanie from Corporate Central at the Christmas with the Vets Show

    The 32nd Annual Christmas with the Vets show was a success! A few of Corporate Central’s staff members were fortunate enough to volunteer at this year’s event and they enjoyed every minute of it!

    Learn More About Our Community

    What’s New and Who’s Who

    Corporate Central Promotes Shannon Cate to Member Services Specialist.

    Shannon Cate

    We are proud to announce that Shannon Cate has been promoted to Member Services Specialist. In her new role, Shannon provides operational support to facilitate delivery of superior member service while practicing proactive relationship development. She serves as primary support for all currency services and account user authority updates. She also assists with assigned product and service implementations. Shannon joined our team in September 2014 as a Member Services Representative. She has always demonstrated her passion and dedication to servicing our members and always has their best interests in mind. We are excited to watch her grow in her new position. Congratulations, Shannon!

    Corporate Central welcomes Jevon Cliffgard as Systems Developer.

    Jevon Cliffgard

    We are pleased to introduce Jevon Cliffgard as Systems Developer. Jevon delivers business process improvements and automation by managing, analyzing, designing, developing, and integrating efficient business intelligence and database systems. Jevon will be instrumental as we focus on significant financial technology innovation. He has over 20 years of IT experience in many areas including software engineering, systems administration, data analytics, business analysis, and project management. He has worked to design and deliver solutions in desktop, web, and integration service platforms utilizing many technology stacks. Jevon enjoys spending time with his wife, Christine, and sons, Hunter and Zach. He is an active volunteer in coaching his children’s sports, but also loves spending time outdoors, fishing, playing board games, and playing video games. Welcome, Jevon!

    Learn More About Our Team

    Wild Adventures with Leo

    Leo got into the holiday spirit at the Corporate Central employee gift exchange.

    Stephanie, Leo, and Sandy posing with their white elephant gifts.

    One evening, after work, staff members gathered in the “Corporate CAFÉ” for a fun evening with dinner, laughter, games, and a white elephant gift exchange. Leo wanted to join in the fun! An enjoyable experience was had by all.

Upcoming Events

Monday Market Monitor

1/1/0001 12:00 AM Central Time (CST) | Conference Call

The Monday Market Monitor is a weekly conference call geared toward credit union investment managers. It will provide up-to-date economic highlights, yield curve analysis, investment product recommendations, and a forecast for the upcoming week.

UCC Articles 3 & 4

7/14/2020 10:00 AM - 7/14/2020 11:00 AM Central Time (CST) | Webinar

Join Corporate Central and ECCHO for this 60-minute webinar that will provide an overview of the basics of UCC 3 & 4, the definitions of payment instruments, and the warranties made upon presentment.

Keeping Track of Liquidity in the Investment Portfolio

7/15/2020 2:00 PM - 7/15/2020 2:30 PM Central Time (CST) | Webinar

Join QuantyPhi for a 30-minute webinar where we will update on how some of those decisions are playing out for investors since, asking if these were helpful to the credit union.

2020 Virtual HR Workshop

8/13/2020 9:00 AM - 8/13/2020 10:30 AM Central Time (CST) | Virtual

Join InterLutions and Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union for a virtual HR Workshop, where credit unions can come to explore disaster planning from an HR perspective and discuss our recent HR experiences as a group.

Check Exceptions

9/15/2020 10:00 AM - 9/15/2020 11:00 AM Central Time (CST) | Webinar

Join Corporate Central and ECCHO for this 60-minute webinar where we will review the basic kinds of adjustments, the timeframes and general responsibilities of the parties to the collection of check, and help you reduce your risks of exception handling through better understanding of the processes and timing requirements, and the terms imposed through image exchange agreements.

2020 Economic Outlook Conference

Tuesday, October 13, 2020, All Day Central Time (CST) | Virtual Conference

The Economic Outlook Conference will be held on Tuesday, October 13 and Wednesday, October 14 virtually.

Holder in Due Course (HIDC) and the Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Indemnity

11/17/2020 10:00 AM - 11/17/2020 11:00 AM Central Time (CST) | Webinar

Join Corporate Central and ECCHO for this 60-minute webinar where we will review the terms of being an HIDC, and discuss how that legal status has consequences when RDC indemnity claims are resolved.

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