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NASCUS Invites Kevin Chiappetta to Present Loan Profitability to Examiners

MILWAUKEE, WI – August 31, 2021 – Kevin Chiappetta, CFA, President of QuantyPhi, recently presented on loan profitability during the Kentucky Examiner School, presented by NASCUS.

Kevin Chiappetta


Kevin Chiappetta, CFA, President of QuantyPhi.

State credit union examiners from around the country were invited to this one-day, virtual event to help them build skill sets and enhance their knowledge around a core area of topics.

Chiappetta was joined by fellow presenters Aaron Martini, Director ALM Services at Catalyst Strategic Solutions; Rayleen Pirnie, NEACH; Glory LeDu, President of LeagueInfoSight LLC; and Brian Knight, NASCUS Executive Vice President and General Counsel.

In addition to loan profitability, the event covered topics including market risk, interest rate risk, fraud, national issues, and compliance.

“We strive to share our philosophy of balance sheet management whenever we can, so we are grateful to NASCUS for the opportunity to present again this year,” Chiappetta said. “We hope to continue working with NASCUS and look forward to sharing our practices and methods with credit unions to help them better manage the process of optimizing their balance sheets.”

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