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Corporate Central Hosts Economic Outlook Conference; Helps Credit Unions Prepare for 2023

MILWAUKEE, WI – October 13, 2022 – Credit union professionals from the Midwest gathered Wednesday for Corporate Central’s 2022 Economic Outlook Conference. Held at The Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee, WI, the annual event offered credit union-specific economic insights and covered issues related to fiscal policy, market opportunity, risk management, and growth planning. Speakers also discussed trends impacting the industry.

Presenters and topics covered included:

  • Roger Tutterow, Ph.D., Professor of Economics and Henssler Financial Endowed Chair at Kennesaw State University presented, “On the Economic, Political, and Business Climate.” During his presentation, he provided a timely overview of global, national, and regional economies. Participants considered the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on the retail sector and real estate, prospects for resolution of supply chain and labor market dislocations, the recent upturn in inflation, ongoing changes in Federal Reserve policy changes including both an increasing of policy interest rates and the “unwinding” of bond purchases, implication of these policy shifts for bank balance sheets, loan pricing and performance, recent shifts in the outlook for residential and non-residential real estate markets, and the implication of demographic trends for the real estate industry and general business climate.
  • Tim Quinlan, Managing Director and Senior Economist at Wells Fargo & Company presented, “Will the Fed Provide a Soft Landing or a Bumpy Ride?” Quinlan talked about how inflationary pressure has compelled the Federal Reserve to aggressively raise short-term interest rates and consider significant changes on how assets accumulated over multiple rounds of quantitative easing are managed.
  • Russell Kohl, Senior Vice President and Treasurer at Fiserv, Inc. presented, “Managing Risk: how Uncertain Times Affect Corporate Portfolio Decisions.” During his presentation, he explained how uncertain times affect his job of managing a significant portfolio of debt, investments, working capital, and cash at a large Fintech.
  • Ligia Vado, Senior Economist at CUNA presented an “Economic Update.” In her presentation, she talked about the Federal Reserve’s aggressive campaign to fight inflation and how it poses significant operational and financial challenges for depository institutions.

Kevin Chiappetta, CFA, Senior Vice President Investment Services and President of QuantyPhi hosted and moderated event. “This annual conference offers the opportunity for our members to hear multiple viewpoints on a broad range of data related to where we’ve been, where we are, and where we may be headed in the economy and markets. Our goal for this conference is to offer credit union participants big-picture information they can take back to their credit unions to help guide and inform their budgeting and strategic planning,” Chiappetta said. “We greatly appreciate our expert speakers for their time, insights, and advice helping us meet our goal. We equally appreciate all who attended and shared their experiences and knowledge.”

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