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Corporate Central Revolutionizes Interactions with Member Credit Unions; Launches Beastro

MILWAUKEE, WI – October 26, 2022 – On Tuesday, October 11, Corporate Central officially launched a newly built and designed member platform called Beastro. Corporate Central built the new corporate credit union platform in-house with many features and functions designed to improve digital financial services and online operations experience with enhanced security, business intelligence, and open API architecture – making the possibilities for integrations, robotic learning, and AI features endless.

Corporate Central employees on Beastro launch day.

Corporate Central employees full of excitement and geared up for the launch of Beastro.

Leadership was prompted to request appropriate resources needed to build a new system from the board because of known limitations of the previous “core” system and in response to the needs of members. The corporate determined that currently available products would not suit the needs of a corporate credit union serving credit union members, nor allow for the flexibility to innovate the system, and decided to build a system that is designed to be responsive, connected, and limitless.

Gregg Tushaus, SVP Chief Technology and Strategy Officer played an instrumental role in planning and executing the successful launch. “We are witnessing a two-and-a-half-year effort come together,” Tushaus said. “We have all these system components coming together – software, cloud infrastructure, service tracking, accounting, knowledgebase, analytics, reporting, security, and more. Our great team coming together – software development, technical services, accounting, compliance, member services, marketing, sales, investments, operations, and leadership. And now it is exciting to watch our members using Beastro!”

“The launch of Beastro marks a new era for Corporate Central,” said Chris Felton, President/CEO. “We have completed the initial leg of a remarkable journey that has seen us achieve new levels of creativity, innovation, and remarkable collaboration. While all this technology and development is truly impressive and inspiring, at our center we are, and always will be, a credit union. Founded on the principles of ‘people helping people.’ We find ourselves here today because we live and breathe our mission. All this change has been driven by the singular focus of helping our members to be wildly successful.”

The Corporate Central staff took an “all hands-on deck” approach to not only prepare internally for the launch, but to ensure all members were comfortable and ready for the new system. The countless hours of preparation, member communications, writing documentation to build a self-help knowledgebase, recording training videos and hosting webinars, scheduling demonstrations, and taking extra special care made for a smooth transition and enjoyable experience for staff and members.

Beastro automates internal procedures and improves partner integrations. Corporate Central staff is already realizing productivity and automation improvements from Beastro.

Once members were able to log into Beastro, they immediately began experiencing the benefits of the new application, features, and enhancements. Member feedback began rolling in and included comments like:

  • The videos are really cool!
  • There is help everywhere and it’s just so easy to access.
  • When I called, I would have never guessed it was conversion day. The employees were so calm and helpful, never rushed.
  • After experiencing the well-orchestrated rollout, we had no doubt the system would be awesome – and it is!
  • I love the screens – so clean and fresh. It looks so modern and streamlined.
  • Very intuitive.
  • I can't believe you built your own core! Must be nice knowing you control it and can make enhancements on your timeline.
  • I turned on all the notifications - so cool.
  • We realized we hadn't paid close enough attention to the approaching launch date and found ourselves scrambling on launch day to get up to speed. We knew you had all the training material, but my CFO said let's just get in the system and see if we can figure it out. Wow, everything was so intuitive and easy to navigate that we were easily able to enter all our wires, make transfers, and view what we needed. Thanks for all the training materials, but we didn't even need them!
  • Got in the first day, did all my wires, viewed my corporate checking stuff, and entered my cash orders without any problem. It was so easy!

Beastro logo with tagline.

The launch of Beastro was considered “Release 1” according to the published roadmap. The future of Beastro will include many more releases, enhancements, and ongoing development. Users of the system are encouraged to submit feature requests from the homepage of the Beastro knowledgebase to help Corporate Central continue to revolutionize the way they interact with member credit unions. Credit unions or corporate credit unions interested in a demo of the Beastro platform can request one on the Corporate Central website.

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