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CU Minute

The CU Minute blog contains articles from Corporate Central and our family of CUSOs - Emergifi, InterLutions, and QuantyPhi. Topics include technology, healthcare, investment management, and innovative credit union solutions.

Corporate Central’s People-Centered Strategy for Employees

Will Valadez, Human Resource Generalist, discusses Corporate Central's people-centered strategy for employees.

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Let’s Talk About These Security Keys

By: Brian Nowak, Information Technology Director

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#ILoveMyCreditUnion Day

Corporate Central staff share why they love credit unions and being a part of the credit union movement.

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Questions You Must Ask Before Signing a Stop-Loss Insurance Contract

Stop-loss insurance, also known as excess insurance, provides protection against catastrophic or unpredictable losses in health insurance and employee benefits plans. Here are three questions credit unions must ask before signing a stop-loss insurance contract.

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Better, Faster, Stronger Payments: Eight types of faster payment transactions and common fraud

Faster payments are a hot topic these days. Members are looking for better, faster, more secure transactions. However, with every new platform comes risks with rewards. Help your members stay safe by knowing your way around faster payment fraud.

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NII Models: Choosing a product index rate

Guest contributor, Atul Dholakia, retired practitioner and regulator, provides insights on NII models.

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Help Young Members Save Small and Dream Big During Credit Union Youth Month

April is National Credit Union Youth Month, a time to encourage children, teens, and young adults to develop healthy financial habits. Check out these tips to encourage your credit union's young members to save.

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