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Beastro is a one-stop shop for seamless money movement, credit union interactions, engagements, and transactions in a secure digital environment. Corporate Central built this world-class, innovative platform to serve credit unions now and into the future. We are continually enhancing Beastro with direct feedback from our membership.


Why Choose Beastro?


Faster Money Movement

Intelligent Fraud Prevention

Expanded Data Analytics

Frictionless Digital Transactions

Enhanced Member Experience

Single Platform

Connected Ecosystem

Self-Service Capabilities

Latest Financial Technologies

Open API for Integrated Connectivity

Predictive Technology

Beastro is a robust, user-friendly system. Members can review statements and balances, transfer funds, place cash orders, and reconcile business checks. We listened to member feedback and enhanced the user experience with the most current technology and intuitive user interfaces; incorporated more automation to make your jobs easier; and unlocked more features so that you can self-service faster than ever before. Refer to our Beastro Roadmap to learn more about what your credit union can expect.

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