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Beastro COACH III Safekeeping
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Did You Know?

Beastro offers notification subscriptions.
These notifications make credit union operations more efficient and are a valuable tool for your internal teams. Users may enroll on their own, or supervisors can assign subscriptions to Users.

Subscription notifications are available for a variety of Beastro modules. For example, if your credit union has entered an outgoing wire, and that wire has not been verified prior to the daily cutoff time, a notification will be emailed to Users enrolled in the Member Wire Needs Approval subscription as late as five minutes before the cutoff time. Is a stop payment about to expire on a Corporate Share Draft? The Stop Draft Request Expiring Soon subscription will notify your Users, giving them an opportunity to review the stop payment request.

To enroll in subscriptions on your own:

  • Navigate to Manage Your Profile
  • Select the toggle for the notifications you would like to receive
  • Click Save Changes

For User Administrators to enroll Users in subscriptions:

  • Navigate to Member Details
  • Select Contacts
  • Click the Contact Name
  • Expand Subscriptions dropdown
  • Select the toggle for the subscriptions that the user should receive
  • Click Save Changes

Pro Tip!
Be sure to include direct extensions in your User profiles. If Corporate Central needs to contact one of your team members related to a service (e.g.: outgoing wire that has not been approved prior to cutoff time), having a direct extension listed is a valuable time saver.

Documents and Forms

Find documents or forms for joining, requests, new services, agreements, etc.  



Beastro is a single secure platform for credit unions to interact, engage, and transact their digital financial services and operations. Through enhanced security, business intelligence, and open API architecture, Beastro leverages a single application to redefine the credit union’s experience with Corporate Central, their business partners, and their members.

Learn More

Access to our COACH III Portal. A low-cost, user-friendly, robust solution designed specifically for credit unions. Hundreds of credit unions utilize this system because of its reliability and comprehensive range of products and services, including ACH receiving, origination, business/SEG origination, and international wires.

Access to our security safekeeping solution. Through our security safekeeping program, your credit union has access to convenient, dependable settlement and safekeeping of your investment securities through a partnership with the only credit union owned trust administration provider that clears directly with the Deposit Trust Company (DTC) and the Federal Reserve. Settlement, principal and interest payments are posted directly to your settlement account at Corporate Central.

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