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Our Story

Our Vision

Advancing financial wellness for our members and the people they serve – "people helping people."

Our Mission

To nurture financial wellness of our members by promoting outstanding service, sustaining financial strength, ensuring trust, safeguarding security, delivering innovation, and leveraging technology.

About Us

Corporate Central is a federally insured financial cooperative that is strongly committed to the needs of our members. Built on the values of commitment to service, fiscal responsibility, and respect for the individual, we adhere to the highest standards of integrity, professional ethics, cooperation, and teamwork. A strong focus on maintaining quality partnerships with members nationwide enables us to remain firmly rooted in the tradition of "people helping people." In addition, by partnering with leading service providers, we are able to offer innovative correspondent products, investment services, and lending programs to our members.

Corporate Central is owned and governed by our members. A volunteer Board of Directors, elected from and by our membership, guides us to ensure the greatest level of service and utmost integrity. Our Management also plays an integral part in the success of Corporate Central in that together they bring expertise and experience that spans decades of service into the organization. They are not only committed to service, but are exceedingly knowledgeable, offer sound advice and propose solutions to problems based on experience.

What Makes Us Unique?

Stewardship. We believe our core responsibility is to be sound stewards of our members' entrusted relationship with us. We take extreme care in our investment and lending decisions; knowing that our members have entrusted us to be responsible. Intertwined with the commitment of stewardship, is the responsibility to be forthcoming and transparent with all information we provide to our members about everything we do.

Apart from our dedication to service and our devotion to stewardship, we view ourselves as unique providers of superior value - evidenced by:

  • Our high capital position creating significant leverage opportunity both from an investment and liquidity perspective, as well as a robust variety of service offerings;
  • Our ability to partner to deliver a wide array of products providing the flexibility to maintain expense control, while enlisting "best in class" service providers;
  • Our partnership approach with our members, versus rate driven vendor relationships, creating the support and advocacy from our core membership, which has proven to be a successful model;
  • Our focus on partnering with members has proven successful as we have expanded into new markets that are now being serviced primarily by larger corporate credit unions more focused on just investment dollars;
  • Recognizing and concentrating entirely on the Primary Financial Institution (PFI) relationship with our members, knowing that long-term success is driven by these relationships, not by simply attracting investment dollars via the best rate.

Who Your Credit Union Partners with MATTERS

Our History

Corporate Central dates back to 1947 when we were known as State Central Credit Union, a "dual purpose" credit union serving both credit unions and individual credit union members. In 1980, this "dual purpose" role ended when Congress adopted the Monetary Control Act, in which, subsequent regulations implementing the act made it clear that we could no longer continue our dual role. A reorganization plan created two separate entities: State Central Credit Union and Wisconsin Corporate Central Credit Union. State Central continued as a natural person credit union and Wisconsin Corporate Central Credit Union became fully operational on April 1, 1981 taking on the role of a "credit union serving credit unions."

With a strong, committed partnership already in place with every credit union in Wisconsin, we began reaching out to neighboring states in the Midwest. In 2002, Wisconsin Corporate Central Credit Union became simply - Corporate Central Credit Union to better reflect our growing membership and to position ourselves for the future. Although we take great pride in our relationships with our existing members, we also strive to develop relationships with potential members and new members alike. Our commitment to exceeding the expectations of our members began more than seventy years ago and it is that commitment that will enable strong, dedicated relationships to continue developing as we look to the future.

Our Family of CUSOs

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