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Corporate Central Certificates

Corporate Central offers several investment options with terms to meet your needs. On most occasions, we can customize or create a certificate specifically for your credit union.

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of deposit (CDs) are available daily with terms ranging from 30-days to five-years. Dividends can be paid monthly, at maturity, or semi-annually.

CD Specials

From time-to-time, we will make CD specials available with particularly attractive terms and yields given the market conditions.

Amortizing Certificate Programs

Amortizing certificate programs (ACP) are fixed-rate amortizing certificates that offer yields competitive with mortgage-backed securities. ACP investments reduce extension and market risk that is associated with mortgage-backed products.

Callable Certificates

Callable certificates get their name because Corporate Central has the option to "call" or pay back certificates prior to maturity, according to a schedule that is predetermined and disclosed up front. These investment alternatives often times yield higher than regular certificates with the same maturity.

Fed Funds Floating Rate Certificates

The one way floater floats quarterly at a fixed spread to the three-month LIBOR (London inter-bank offering rate). The floater has an interim cap which may limit the increase in its rate for the quarter; however, it has a floor equal to the current coupon, ensuring the rate will not decrease.

Step-Up Certificates

Step-up certificates offer a fixed-rate for a predetermined period of time. Once that period of time expires, the certificate is either called or it steps-up to a higher rate that was predetermined. 

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