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Cash Forecasting

Cash forecasting is a cash inventory management software that allows you to accurately forecast and order cash, while optimizing inventory levels across the enterprise. Analyzing data from device applications and teller platforms, the cash forecasting software seamlessly integrates your cash ordering needs in Beastro with all your credit union’s cash points, with a simple click of a button. The algorithm and analytics enable you to leverage globally used inventory management techniques to predict demand and uncertainty through cash forecasting and optimization, right down to the precise denomination levels in each location. Using artificial intelligence with forecast accuracy, the cash forecasting tool ensures cash demand is met at the lowest possible cost, everywhere you need it.

Key Benefits:

  • Centralized cash ordering with Beastro integration
  • Enterprise-Wide reporting
  • Automated internal and external processes
  • Optimized CIT schedule and costs
  • Post go-live data driven consulting

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