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Investment Services

A-L model validations A-L Model Validations
A-L model validation assures CEOs, CFOs, asset liability committee (ALCO) members and other credit union leaders that the IRR measurement process accurately displays the IRR exposure of their credit union.

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Asset Liability Management Icon

Asset Liability Management (ALM)
A-L modeling allows CEOs, CFOs, regulators, and other credit union leaders better understand their credit union’s risk exposure. It enables them to identify and act upon performance opportunities and potential risk threats in both the short- and long-term.

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Balance Sheet Optimization Icon Balance Sheet Consulting
Balance sheet consulting helps time-limited credit union CEOs and CFOs make more educated, more insightful, strategic decisions.

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Benchmarking Icon Benchmarking
Benchmarking helps enable credit union leaders to identify where investment decisions lead, lag, or remain at par with optimal portfolio performance and define optimal investment strategies for their credit union.

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Broker-Dealer Icon Broker-Dealer
Corporate Central will partner with your credit union to understand your investment objectives and provide you with suitable risk appropriate investment securities.

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Corporate Central Cash Management Icon

Corporate Central Cash Management
Corporate Central offers several cash management options including our LIBOR (London inter-bank offering rate) investment account, money market account, plateau account, PLUS account, variable account, and premier investment suite.

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Corporate Central Certificates Icon Corporate Central Certificates
Corporate Central offers several investment options with terms to meet your needs. On most occasions, we can customize or create a certificate specifically for your credit union.

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Investment Advisory Icon Investment Advisory
QuantyPhi and Corporate Central, through our partnership with Concourse Financial Group, can offer credit unions an investment advisory service to help reach goals of balance sheet optimization.

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Liquidity Stress Testing Icon

Liquidity Stress Testing
Stress testing allows CEOs, CFOs, regulators, and other credit union leaders better understand their credit union’s risk exposure to changes in the cash flows in the short and long-term time horizon. This enables them to identify and act upon performance opportunities and potential risk threats.

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Policy Review Icon Policy Reviews
A policy review will help a credit union by including suggested areas of improvement or change to comply with both the letter and spirit of “best practice” regarding IRR management.

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Portfolio Analysis Icon Portfolio Analysis
Portfolio analysis helps credit union managers and asset liability committee members make more informed and more goal-aligned balance sheet liquidity/risk management decisions. It helps credit union CEOs and CFOs determine if the credit union is on track to achieve its performance benchmarks.

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Risk Modeling Icon Risk Modeling
Risk modeling provides credit union leaders with guidelines for risk exposure. Scheduled, periodic risk review against a model offers CEOs and CFOs a better understanding of their credit union’s risk profile.

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Security Safekeeping Icon

Security Safekeeping
Through our security safekeeping program, your credit union has access to convenient, dependable settlement and safekeeping of your investment securities through a partnership with the only credit union owned trust administration provider that clears directly with the Deposit Trust Company (DTC) and the Federal Reserve.

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Share Deposit Analysis Icon Share Deposit Analysis
Credit union share deposit analysis reviews the non-maturing deposit accounts of a credit union to estimate the sensitivity and expected life of those accounts.

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SimpliCD Investing Icon SimpliCD Investing
SimpliCD provides credit unions a one-stop solution to excess-fund investing. Credit unions using the SimpliCD program have access to national rates and a wide variety of issuers.

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Training Icon Training
Training on asset liability management or other balance sheet management topics is crucial to stay up to date on changing regulations and policies.

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