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Emergifi is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) providing credit union technology solutions that improve productivity and security, and reduce costs and risk. Given the incredible pace at which technology is changing, credit unions are challenged to do business faster, smarter and more efficiently – or risk getting left behind. As a result, cloud computing is rapidly becoming a primary driver of business transformation, giving credit unions a way to differentiate, disrupt and gain share in the market.  Our managed, cloud-based approach offloads low value utility services and focuses your resources on high value initiatives.  Eliminate the burden of routine information technology (IT) operations and maintenance.  With our approach, quickly and efficiently access technologies you need, when you need them. We optimize your credit union information technology operations, so you may focus on your business. Our managed, cloud computing approach offers credit unions large and small the following benefits.

  • Streamlines Operations. Our approach allows you to build up an omni-channel network by centralizing IT in the cloud and managing activities in real-time no matter where they are located.
  • Reduces Costs. Without the overhead costs for personnel, or software and hardware costs businesses save money.
  • Faster Response. Our managed services provide 24x7 service with a breadth and depth of skilled resources.
  • Increases Productivity. Our approach eliminates low value tasks. Technology solutions are delivered as a service. Your IT resources can focus on high value credit union business technology.
  • Provides Consistency. Our approach provides consistent and uniform services. Cloud computing allows you to store documents and files in a secure location that is accessible anywhere.
  • Better Security. We offer you best practice security designed for credit unions.

As a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) we serve credit unions by design technology service offerings for credit unions.  Our members are the best customers of our services.  Our members have a vested interest in our service levels and quality of products.  Our members take the long-term view and focus on building a sustainable business that provides their credit union tools to compete and be successful.

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In July 2015, Corporate Central launched InterLutions LLC, a wholly-owned Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) providing innovative business solutions to advance the credit union industry and movement.

The first innovative business solution launched was I-Care, an employee benefits solution. I-Care empowers credit unions to take control of their increasing healthcare challenges by providing affordable, competitive, and sustainable coverage for their employees. We partner with credit unions to deliver an innovative group program to reduce the volatility and expense of health insurance by pooling risk. This revolutionary solution provides credit unions with the flexibility to choose from multiple networks, while individually determining their plan design and structure to best meet the needs of their employees. I-Care launched in 2016 and now "cares" for over 3,500 credit union employees and family members.

The next innovative business solution launched by the CUSO was CU-Save, a revenue enhancement solution for credit unions. CU-Save is here to help credit unions maximize their bottom line performance.  Our team will conduct a review of your credit unions operations at no charge to determine if opportunities for efficiencies, cost reduction, or revenue enhancement exist. In less than a few months of its launch in early 2017, several credit unions subscribed to the program and experienced both immediate and significant cost savings and revenue.

In mid-2017 InterLutions launched inSure: Risk Solutions to provide our members with a free, thorough, and objective risk review of their bond and insurance programs. As credit unions continue to evolve, it is imperative to create custom-built, competitively priced coverage for the unique exposures they face.  Risk Solutions is here to offer members an objective risk review of their bond and insurance programs. Developed specifically with credit unions in mind, our program offers the coverage and risk management solutions our members need, coupled with a commitment to the unparalleled service you deserve.

At InterLutions, we don’t simply think outside the box, we remove the box altogether.  We have a team of high-energy individuals who are passionate about advancing the credit union movement through innovation and collaboration.

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Like most credit union executives these days, you wear a lot of hats. You're busy beyond busy, and your needs are constantly changing - especially as balance sheets become more complicated and portfolios become more sophisticated. To complicate things further, you may not have the time, tools and training needed to keep risk and opportunity balanced for peak performance.

But...what if your credit union had an experienced partner that could:

  • Help maximize day-to-day balance sheet performance?
  • Do the never-ending math you don't have time to do?
  • Expertly adjust plans and projections as markets and goals change?
  • Run "what-if" scenarios and strategize for you?
  • Find opportunity on both sides of the balance sheet?
  • Build a balance sheet with muscle, flex and stamina?

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Our Family of CUSOs

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