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Liquidity Services

Central Liquidity Facility (CLF) Access icon Central Liquidity Facility Access
The CLF is a mixed ownership Government corporation within the NCUA owned by its member credit unions and managed by the NCUA Board. The purpose of the CLF is to act as a credit union system contingent liquidity source to improve the general financial stability by providing member credit unions with a federal backstop source of loans to meet their liquidity needs.

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FRB Discount Window icon FRB Discount Window
Corporate Central offers access to the Federal Reserve Bank's (FRB) discount window without establishing a direct relationship with the Fed. Once enrolled, funds can be requested through the FRB for swift deposit in the members Corporate Central account.

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Lending Options icon Lending Options
Corporate Central's lending options include a line of credit, settlement loans, fixed-rate term loans, variable-rate term loans, and variable-rate demand loans.

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Letter of Credit icon Letter of Credit
Corporate Central can provide a useful alternative to pledging securities to collateralize those deposits. A valuable and popular solution is to utilize a low-cost standby letter of credit provided by Corporate Central.

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Lending Options icon Liquidity Framework Review
Liquidity risk, along with credit risk and interest rate risk, are the three main types of market risks facing a credit union. The NCUA has several rules and regulations overseeing effective liquidity risk management, with a focus on liquidity policies, procedures, limits, and monitoring capabilities. Credit unions should expect examiners to thoroughly evaluate the adequacy of their liquidity risk management framework.

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SimpliCD issuing icon SimpliCD Issuing
SimpliCD issuing, part of the SimpliCD program managed by Primary Financial Company, LLC, refers to the issuing of federally-insured CDs by your credit union. Interested credit unions will work with our balance sheet optimization CUSO, QuantyPhi, to get registered for the program, if an account is not already set up.

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Student loan program icon Student Loan Program
Your nonprofit resource for college funding! Corporate Central partners with ISL Education Lending to offer private loans to help students pay for college as well as refinance existing student loans.

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