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Our Difference

The Corporate Central Difference

Our difference is not a marketing tactic or strategy; rather it is our business model founded on the credit union philosophy and reinforced by our committed members that has made us strong.  Our strength enables us to continue offering all the products and services our members’ need – just as we always have.

Our members are the most important aspect of our business.  Knowing that our members have entrusted us to be responsible, we take extreme care in every decision we make.  We also take our responsibility to be a reliable liquidity provider to our members very seriously.  Ensuring access to liquidity when our members need it is our first priority – it drives our entire balance sheet management process.

We asked our members to give us one word that describes their relationship with Corporate Central.
Here are their responses:

Member Wordle

Financial Strength and Stability

Although much has transpired within the financial sector the last few years, the strength and stability of Corporate Central has not changed.  Our capital ratios are the strongest in the nation and we remain well above all NCUA regulatory capital requirements.  Our members’ capital remains fully intact and we continue to pay top dividend rates on our capital accounts.

We are positioned for strength, growth and longevity.  Visit our Due Diligence Center.

Our Family of CUSOs

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