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Customized Presentations

Corporate Central offers customized presentations to suit your needs. Please contact us and we would be happy to put together a program for you. To schedule one of the presentations below, please contact us at marketing@corpcu.com or (800) 242-4747.

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ALM and Balance Sheet Optimization

The ABC’s of ALM
Effective asset liability management is one of the most important responsibilities of any financial institution. Learn the basics of balance sheet optimization by evaluating and understanding important ALM reports for potential earnings interruptions from changes in interest rates.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

Effective ALM Benchmarking
Benchmarking should be an ongoing process in which credit unions continuously seek the improvement of their balance sheet performance. Information gained from benchmarking allows credit unions to determine how efficient their investment decision-making is relative to the amount of risk they are occurring. Our balance sheet optimization team can assist CEOs, CFOs and other credit union leaders to define the appropriate ALM benchmarking strategies for their credit union.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

Current ALM Policies and Procedures
Credit unions that practice and employ the most current ALM policies and procedures gain a competitive advantage in the industry. The QuantyPhi team will provide step-by-step guidance to make sure your decision-making and policies are in line with your overall performance and risk results.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

How Premium Price and Uneven Pre-Payments Impact Bond Performance
The shortfall of using traditional analytics can have a significant impact on actual return. This presentation will uncover why common errors are repeated and teach ways to avoid making those mistakes.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

Resist Your Instinct and Make Better Balance Sheet Decisions with Better Analysis
Traditional investment analytics can lead to fast decisions, but fast decisions are not always good decisions. Learn more about our quick decision-making process to help you prepare to make a better decision framework before decisions are made. Then, put that thought into action as we review quick financial decisions using the wrong measurements. This presentation will look at our quick decision-making process and help you prepare to make a better decision framework before decisions are made.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

Are ARMS the Solution for Rising Rates?
In the credit union industry portfolio managers often incorporate adjustable rate mortgage securities (ARMS) into their portfolio to keep up with a rising rate environment. What happens if ARMS do not perform as anticipated? Instead of finding out post purchase we will demonstrate how portfolio managers can develop an understanding of these products and determine the appropriateness of these products in their specific credit union portfolio.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

Board & ALCO Training
Determine what areas a director should be reviewing and how to ask better questions of management.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

The Economic Environment
Learn about current economic trends and interest rate information and learn how to position your credit union to maximize your investment dollars and determine what is in the best interest of your membership.
Presented by: Corporate Central Credit Union

Liquidity Management

Secondary Capital for Credit Unions
The ability for credit unions to accept secondary capital has the potential to create a significant benefit for institutions and members alike. As with any instrument or change in the “norm,” there are important considerations that can create pitfalls if not carefully analyzed. This presentation will provide an overview, discuss the regulatory component, pros and cons, and what to consider prior to acting.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

Measuring Liquidity in Your Investment Portfolio
Liquidity is a focus for credit unions – both external and internal sources. This presentation will focus on internal liquidity in your investment portfolio including how to measure liquidity, how to build a portfolio for liquidity, and what you should look for going forward. Learn more about the importance of measuring liquidity in your investment portfolio.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

What Does a Liquid Balance Sheet Look Like?
Credit unions are feeling additional pressure to maintain a liquid balance sheet. With some guidance, we can identify and measure what that means. We will discuss the structure and review liquidity measures beyond loan to share ratios.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

Loan Profitability Analysis
If you want to be certain you are making enough to cover your cost of funds and other expenses, make sure you are reviewing the asset earnings with all relevant factors. This presentation will review an analysis of a loan program and discuss how we can determine just how much we are earning on that program.
Presented by: QuantyPhi

Liquidity Solutions for Credit Unions
Corporate Central offers flexible, competitive, and efficient liquidity solutions for credit unions of all shapes and sizes. Public agencies and businesses can provide credit unions with valuable sources of deposits. Those deposits often require supplemental collateral because the amounts exceed NCUA coverage. Corporate Central can provide a useful alternative to pledging securities to collateralize those deposits. This presentation will explore several liquidity options and strategies including: term borrowing, secondary lines of credit, letters of credit, student lending, and issuing non-member deposits.
Presented by: Corporate Central Credit Union

Emerging Technologies and Financial Innovation

Emerging Financial Innovation
Are you the next Netflix or Blockbuster? As consumer expectations increase, the financial industry is doubling down on innovation and technology, including collaborating with emerging financial technology providers to address accelerating and irreversible trends that shape consumer demands. The race is on to deliver emerging technologies that can bring the best financial services. How can credit unions withstand the challenge?
Presented by: Think|Stack

Top 5 Best Practices for Patch Management to Protect Your Data Today
There are five things you must be doing to keep your data and your members’ personal information safe. With security breaches increasing it is critical to keep your systems and software up to date. Learn actionable items you can implement today to ensure systems are secure and free of vulnerabilities and operate your credit union without interruption.
Presented by: Think|Stack

Cybersecurity for Credit Unions
How well do you sleep at night? Small and medium credit unions face cybersecurity treats and regulatory requirements with limited resources, limited budgets, and rapid change. This presentation provides practical, cost effective strategies and techniques for small and medium credit unions.
Presented by: Think|Stack

Cybersecurity Strategy – The Journey to Zero Trust
Developing a proactive cybersecurity strategy is a key part of your credit union’s overall cybersecurity posture. Learn about real-world experiences from Think|Stack and how they have implemented Zero Trust Architectures for credit unions of all shapes and sizes.

Learning objectives:

  • Define cybersecurity strategy
  • Define credit union cybersecurity goals
  • Learn about the benefits of a cybersecurity strategy
  • Understand how a cybersecurity strategy be organized
  • Learn “what’s possible” with modern tools and implementing a Zero Trust Architecture in credit unions from 5 employees to 5000

Presented by: Think|Stack

Think|Stack and Microsoft Security Management Partnership
Learn how Think|Stack leverages partnerships with world-class leaders to deliver cost effective security solutions designed and delivered to credit unions.
Presented by: Think|Stack

Cloud Migration and Digital Transformation Introductory Workshop
The cloud migration and digital transformation 2-4-hour workshop introduces cloud migration and digital transformation to technology leaders and business leaders by walking through a cloud migration and digital transformation case study, demonstrating the features, benefits and cost savings and answers questions specific to your situation. A short survey will orientate the workshop to your environment and tailor the demonstration for the audience.
Presented by: Think|Stack

Cloud Migration Journey: Credit Union Case Study
The presenter will share a credit union cloud migration journey transforming an organization technical culture from one focused on costly and time-consuming maintenance activities (like maintaining servers) to high-value, strategic activities that create opportunities, empower innovation, and drive business results. Learn how digital transformation and cloud migration delivers or enhances resiliency, collaboration, efficiency, productivity, and agility. Technology enables credit unions to operate more efficiently and better serve members.
Presented by: Think|Stack

Evolving Payments Risks, New Technology, New Threats
The presenter will present the exploding payment technologies, fintech and big tech marketplace and the business, fraud, and security threats. Fintechs are disrupting the financial services market by providing an alternative to traditional banking and payments. As our digital society continues to grow, criminals are finding innovative ways to exploit new technologies for illegal activities and to clean their dirty money.
Presented by: Think|Stack

Healthcare and Employee Benefits

The C-Suite’s Guide to Enhancing Employee Benefits and Reducing Costs
Is there really an option to buy less insurance at lower costs and still deliver high-quality competitive benefits to our employees? Our CUSO’s long and growing list of credit union clients will tell you YES. Learn how credit union executives can leverage claims data, cost containment strategies, and advocacy programs to drive down healthcare costs and give employees the benefits they deserve.
Presented by: InterLutions

Avoid the Vicious Cycle of Health Insurance Renewals
Let’s face it, our healthcare system is broken. The purchasing process is rigged for the insurance carriers to profit (handsomely) while credit unions and their employees continue to pay more. The 12-month cycle of evaluating and renewing medical insurance is vicious for HR and the executive leadership team. To change the course of our employee benefits and medical insurance spending, credit unions need to do something different and better. Join us and learn about meaningful strategies to get away from this vicious cycle of insurance renewals.
Presented by: InterLutions

Insurance Captives: How Large Credits Unions Collaborate to Lower Their Benefits Spend
What is self-funding? What is group self-funding? And what the heck is an insurance captive? But most important of all, what does any of this have to do with beer and wedding cake? We will explain. Insurance is not a fun topic, but our CUSO team will deliver an educational and fun explanation into one of the most innovative and unique credit union-owned solutions – an insurance captive. Learn how we are bending the cost curve through collaboration.
Presented by: InterLutions

Is a Credit Union Association Health Plan Right for You?
What is an Association Health Plan (AHP)? What are the requirements and benefits? What are the regulations or limitations in your specific state? And most importantly, is an AHP right for your credit union? InterLutions launched a successful AHP in 2019. Year one cost savings were significant and all participating credit unions received flat renewals in year two. Join us as the CUSO team explains the pros and cons of an AHP, and hear about a credit union before/after case study.
Presented by: InterLutions

Leverage Data and Technology to Reduce Healthcare Friction
How can credit unions use employee medical insurance claims data and analytics to leverage better healthcare pricing? How can your HR team adopt new technologies to deliver a better enrollment experience to your associates? Delivering competitive, rich, and frictionless benefits to employees is integral to the success of credit unions. Join us as our CUSO team offers five innovative strategies that will reduce the friction in delivering benefits to our most important asset – employees.
Presented by: InterLutions

Flexible Funding Models to Reduce High-Cost Claims Risk
Has your credit union reviewed unique funding models such as level funding, referenced-based pricing, or self-funding? Depending on your size, makeup, and risk appetite, moving from the traditional fully-insured funding model can significantly reduce one of your largest budget items – employee benefits and healthcare costs.
Presented by: InterLutions

How a CUSO is Solving the Healthcare Crisis, One Credit Union at a Time
Problem: How can credit unions continue delivering the benefits our employees need when the trajectory of healthcare costs is rising at such a steep pace? Answer: Buy less insurance at lower costs. Well, the problem statement is simple, but the answer is not. And it took our CUSO over five years to build a successful, collaborative, and exclusive credit union healthcare solution. Our white paper and webinar presentation discusses how your credit can buy less insurance at lower costs.
Presented by: InterLutions

Cost Reduction Strategies

6 Simple Steps for 6-Figure Savings 
Learn how to leverage valuable resources in pricing and service data to drive down your big-ticket operational expenses. This presentation outlines six simple steps to realign vendor pricing, increase incentives and income, and remove restrictive service requirements that lead to six-figure savings and mutually beneficial vendor partnerships.
Presented by: InterLutions

Level the Playing Field with Contract Negotiation Experts
9%. That is the average impact to bottom-line performance resulting from poor contract negotiation. Vendors negotiate contracts for a living, while credit unions typically negotiate contracts every five to seven years. Learn about effective contract negotiation tips and level the playing field!
Presented by: InterLutions

Fun, Educational, and Engaging Presentations

CU Jeopardy!
A fun and educational game for everyone in attendance. Learn about recent trends in the credit union industry like social media, gen Y, digital banking, and even compliance – all while playing Jeopardy with your fellow credit union friends. Prizes for the winners!
Presented by: Corporate Central Credit Union

CU Family Feud!
Survey says? We will do our best Steve Harvey impression and host a fun and educational trivia contest. We surveyed 50 credit union professionals about trending credit union topics, such as payments, technology, and credit union history – answers are revealed in a fun, competitive, and educational manner.
Presented by: Corporate Central Credit Union

Corporate Credit Union Update
Get the latest news and updates regarding Corporate Central, the corporate credit union environment, and the credit union industry in general.
Presented by: Corporate Central Credit Union

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