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WILD Initiative

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The Wisconsin Ideation & Local Development (WILD) Initiative is involving participants and their credit unions in a six-month process to develop financial products, services, and business models that increase credit unions' relevance as America's best financial partner.

Participants will move from insights to ideation, from prototyping to testing, and their homegrown innovations will be officially unveiled at The League's Annual Convention & Expo.

The program aims to:

  • Significantly impact a credit union's strategy and member service, rather than present a short-term fix
  • Immerse participants in a leadership opportunity that clarifies a vision for their credit union
  • Instill in participating credit unions a deliberate, comprehensive, and disciplined approach to innovation
  • Develop new capabilities for innovation that empower teams over the long term
  • Stretch and build internal competencies that continually foster solution building
  • Help credit unions realize their potential offering REAL Solutions®
  • Strengthen credit unions as promoters of financial wellness in Wisconsin

The effort is a collaboration of The League and Corporate Central Credit Union, which are coordinating and funding the program; The Filene Research Institute, which engages participants in the ideation, development, and implementation; and credit unions, which dedicate themselves to a six-month process of engagement. To learn more, visit The League's website.

Interested in joining WILD for yourself or someone else? Applications are being accepted until January 2, 2023. 

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