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Funds Transfer

Having a robust wire transfer program is important for your credit union to offer secure, reliable funds transfer programs for your individual and business members. Wire transfers are a safe, efficient, and fast way to relay funds from individuals or organizations to others. Wire transfers allow people and organizations to safely transmit money electronically from one location to another location, or from one account to another account. 

Corporate Central’s full-service, robust wire room is designed to meet all your funds transfer needs. We offer credit unions a variety of secure options for meeting their members’ incoming and outgoing wire transfer needs including direct wires, third-party wires, and international wires. As your trusted credit union, our dedicated member services team offers you superior customer support whenever the need arises.

Key benefits:

  • Convenient templates that enable your staff to quickly initiate recurring transactions
  • Centralized funds transfers in one place so that your team does not have to juggle multiple vendor relationships
  • Reduce risk and rest assured that system access has enhanced security controls, including dual controls of outgoing wires
  • Wire analytics service provides your credit union domestic and international wire data through an automated and secure daily file
  • Stay compliant and access records of every wire transfer through audit trail history and archived wire transactions
  • Access OFAC checking tool on all incoming and outgoing wires
  • Enhance your teams wire transfer knowledge with free online training and materials

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Wire Analytics

The wire analytics service provides credit unions with domestic and international wire data through an automated secure daily file. Wire analytics provide important data for credit unions to enhance internal due diligence and wire review evaluation, such as: payment trends, fraud analysis, AML/BSA automation, transaction monitoring, risk rating, and watch list scanning.

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