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CU Minute

The CU Minute blog contains articles from Corporate Central and our family of CUSOs - InterLutions, QuantyPhi, and Think|Stack. Topics include healthcare, innovative credit union solutions, investment management, and technology.

Inside the Room: A Ransomware Tabletop Exercise Q&A

Shawn Flaherty, Director of Business Development at Think|Stack, answers the most frequently asked questions about ransomware tabletop exercises.

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The Importance of Questioning Experts

Kevin P. Chiappetta, CFA, SVP/Chief Education & Research Officer, discusses the importance of questioning experts.

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The Benefits of Student Loan Refinancing with Credit Unions

Student lending can help attract and retain younger members, but why would someone choose a credit union to refinance their student loans? Read more in our latest blog article.

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Debunking health plan renewal myths: You don’t have to wait to find better benefits

Jesse Kohl, President of InterLutions, debunks three common myths about employee health insurance renewals.

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It’s Hard to Go Phishing with No Phish in the Pond

Brian Nowak explains how Corporate Central went passwordless to reduce end user risk.

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Quishing: A Funny Name for a Serious Threat

Quishing, short for QR code phishing, exploits the growing pervasiveness of QR codes in financial transactions. In this article, we discuss the basics of quishing and what you can do to protect yourself and your members from from the new form of fraud.

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Stepanie Schmidt reviews the basics of ACH and frequently asked questions.

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Revolutionizing Credit Union Marketing: Unlocking the Power of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Orianna Valentine explores how geneartive artificial intelligence can aid credit union marketers.

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Corporate Central’s People-Centered Strategy for Employees

Will Valadez, Human Resource Generalist, discusses Corporate Central's people-centered strategy for employees.

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Let’s Talk About These Security Keys

By: Brian Nowak, Information Technology Director

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