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Correspondent Services

ACH Solutions icon ACH Solutions
ACH Solutions provide credit unions with a comprehensive, online-based system, making it easy for credit unions to stay competitive by offering their members the most efficient means to transfer payments.

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ATM Managed Services icon ATM Managed Services
ATM Managed Services provide robust support that helps you achieve a more efficient, secure, and profitable ATM program – enabling you to devote more time to your other business priorities.

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Card Processing Services icon Card Processing
ATM/Debit Card Processing Solutions provide unparalleled service and a reliable delivery system with a preferred partner able to offer a comprehensive range of flexible products and services designed specifically for credit unions – all supported by in-house systems and programs.

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Cash Management Services icon Cash Management
Corporate Cash solutions give you convenient options without having to maintain Federal Reserve Bank accounts or courier relationships.

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EBP icon Electronic Bill Payment
WeBPay offers credit unions a flexible EBP system that allows members to submit payments via a home banking system, a stand-alone electronic interface, or a mobile application.

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Employee Benefits icon Employee Benefits
I-Care is a collaborative employee healthcare solution that lets you give employees the benefits they deserve, provide benefits that attract and retain top-quality employees, and lower healthcare costs for your employees and your credit union.

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Funds Transfer icon Funds Transfer
Whether you are moving funds to your Corporate Central investment, settlement or loan account; or you are redirecting funds to another institution; making account deposits and withdrawals are vital to your daily operation. Funds Transfer services include direct wires, third-party wires, commercial money orders, and international wires.

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Image Cash Letter icon Image Cash Letter
Image Cash Letter (ICL) services offer credit unions the necessary tools to handle your image presentment needs to help you mitigate fraud, improve efficiencies, and lower costs.

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Item Processing icon Item Processing
Item Processing delivers the broadest, most integrated array of products and services designed to help run your credit union's operations more efficiently.

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Mobile App Solutions icon Mobile App Solutions
Mobile SmartApps provides unparalleled service and a reliable delivery system with a preferred partner able to offer a comprehensive range of flexible products and services designed specifically with the next generation in mind.

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Revenue Enhancement icon Revenue Enhancement
CU-Save helps credit unions maximize their bottom line performance. Our team will conduct a review of your credit union's vendor contracts at no charge to determine if opportunities for efficiencies, cost reduction, or revenue enhancement exist.

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Vendor Management icon Vendor Management
Vendor Management solutions are designed uniquely for credit unions to help control costs, automate operations, stay informed of approaching renewals, and meet new regulations.

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