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Vendor Management

For most credit unions, Vendor Management is yet another burdensome, manual process that adds costs while providing little to no benefits. Corporate Central partners with Ncontracts to provide Vendor Management solutions designed uniquely for credit unions to help control costs, automate operations, stay informed of approaching renewals, and meet new regulations.

Key benefits:

  • Easily manage vendor documentation with unlimited document storage
  • Track all document review deadlines, due diligence activities, or upcoming contract renewals with automated alerts, ensuring you never miss a change
  • Monitor for cybersecurity incidents as well as negative press or news issues about your vendor partners
  • Customize user access and reporting, to-dos, due diligence features, residual risk classifications, and OFAC thresholds
  • Store, track, and manage each aspect of vendor management, from initial prescreens, to ongoing monitoring, to exit strategies

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