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Electronic Bill Payment

In today’s virtual society, it is imperative that credit unions have a functional, seamless electronic bill payment (EBP) service. Members appreciate the convenience and security of scheduling bill payments through their trusted financial partner, your credit union! WeBPay offers credit unions a flexible EBP system that allows members to submit payments via a home banking system, a stand-alone electronic interface, or a mobile application. This solution allows your credit union to offer the latest mobile technology without any technology investment or core integration. WeBPay can be branded to suit your credit union, so that the bill payment system offered to your members is unique.

WeBPay empowers your members to pay bills online safely and securely, schedule recurring payments, and monitor and manage their accounts from any device, anywhere, at any time. In addition, the system is front-end independent. This means it can easily be integrated with single sign-on products offered by any home banking provider, or it can function as a stand-alone product.

Key benefits:

  • Members can easily view and self-manage their accounts and payees, pay bills online, schedule bill payments and recurring payments from a personal, business, estate, or trust checking account
  • Mobile integration provides higher retention and member satisfaction, strengthens competitive positioning, and increases the Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z reach of your credit union
  • CardPay, a near real-time card-funded bill payments option, gives your members flexibility to pay bills with debit or credit cards, and provides your credit union the opportunity for ongoing interchange revenue
  • QuickPay gives your members the option to pay bills securely, review payment history, and check scheduled payments with simple voice commands through any Amazon Alexa-enabled device
  • Biz 2.0 helps your credit union cater to specific needs of business members by allowing them to delegate payment and invoicing permissions, send payroll deposits to multiple accounts, and create customized auditing reports
  • Payments are processed electronically, via ACH in most cases, or by paper check from your credit union if electronic payment is not available to the payee
  • Marketing materials, demos, and a resource center to support onboarding, implementation, and management of the EBP

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