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Corporate Central Cash Management

Flex Investment Account

Our Flex Investment Account is an account that requires a minimum of $500,000 in order to earn a dividend. It is a short-term investment account with minimum transfers of $500,000 executable on Tuesdays only. If Tuesday is not a business day, members may transfer funds on Wednesday. The Flex Investment Account typically offers higher yields than settlement accounts with a short-term commitment.

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Money Market Account

Our Money Market Account is an account that requires a minimum of $2 million in order to earn a dividend. Dividends will progressively increase depending on the amount deposited. There are no limits on deposits; however, withdrawals are limited to 3 per month.

Plateau Account

Our Plateau Account is a variable rate account that combines settlement and cash management services. Depending on your cash position at the end of the day, your Plateau Account will either pay a dividend on a positive balance or advance a loan on a negative balance. Users can review detailed activity reports and advance settlement loans automatically. Also, dividends increase as deposits increase. As balances grow and the next plateau level is attained, the higher plateau rate is paid on the entire balance.

PLUS Account

Our PLUS Account is a floating rate investment account that can adjust daily. It offers enhanced short-term yields while maintaining flexibility. Minimum investment is $500,000 and withdrawals are limited to 4 per month. Excess withdrawals are subject to penalty. Your PLUS Account can be used to enhance yields over the weekend as it offers higher yields than the plateau account.

Premier Investment Suite

Our Premier Investment Suite is a self-directed, self-managed package of services that gives you the opportunity to allocate funds between settlement, investment, and loan accounts to maximize returns. You have easy access to excellent overnight rates and the lowest overnight loan rates Corporate Central has to offer.

Variable Account

Our Variable Account is a short-term floating rate investment account with a commitment of at least 30 days. At the end of the commitment period, the funds are automatically transferred to your settlement account. The Variable Account offers a yield that mirrors current market rates.

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