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Item Processing

Everyday credit unions handle transactions through a variety of sources including electronic files, ATM/ITMs, check images, mobile devices, image cash letter files, and more. Item processing converts these transactions into a uniform format to ease processing. Corporate Central’s Item Processing solution provides credit unions with quick, efficient, customizable options that keep operations lean and efficient, while expanding reach and allowing credit unions to stay competitive. Our flexible Item Processing solution uses industry-leading technology designed to change based on each credit union’s needs.

Key benefits:

  • Customize program to meet your credit union’s budget and needs 
  • Simplify operations with return processing and high dollar notification
  • Reduce or eliminate capital investments and labor costs  
  • Recover lost funds quickly with check recovery solutions 
  • Increase adoption rates with packaged, online marketing programs 
  • Deploy installation services and advanced educational tools for staff, including online training tools
  • Mitigate exposure to fraud with our comprehensive deposit review capabilities and our innovative fraud detection solutions
  • Improve member satisfaction and improve efficiency with immediate access to check images, stored online for up to seven years
  • Gain peace of mind with full disaster backup and recovery for all critical data

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