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Document Management

Collaborate with your team and IT provider effectively using a secure cloud document management system. Our technology CUSO, Think|Stack, partners with ITGlue to allow you and your team to store, share, and access all your team-based passwords in a secure and easy-to-use platform. Rather than writing passwords on sticky notes, sharing them through unsecured emails, or creating a support ticket for yet another forgotten password, you can simply access team passwords in the browser, the web app, or the mobile app. MyGlue, ITGlue’s application, uses airtight security, with SOC 2 compliance, role-based permissions, audit trail, version history, and two-factor authentication to keep your documents safe. Data stored in MyGlue is always live and kept up to date making collaboration with your team and IT provider simple and effective.

Key benefits:

  • Password management – Securely store and share team passwords
  • Collaboration – Collaborate securely with your IT provider
  • Self-service – Empower your team through self-service
  • Internal documentation – Securely preserve and share knowledge

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