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Corporate Central to Pay 7% Dividend

MUSKEGO, Wis. – December 19, 2017 – Corporate Central Credit Union has announced it will pay member credit unions a 7% dividend on all perpetual contributed capital (PCC) balances for the month of December. The payment is the highest in Corporate Central’s history and will be paid to member credit unions on December 31, 2017.

“Through their steadfast commitment and partnership, our members have made our 2017 financial performance exceptionally successful. We’re grateful, humbled, and downright thrilled to be able to return the favor with this year’s record-high dividend,” said Chris Felton, Corporate Central President/CEO.

Corporate Central continues to see steady membership growth and service usage, partially due to their fee schedule overhaul earlier this year. Corporate Central’s Team Fee-novate leveraged the corporate’s digital transformation and efficiency gains to successfully eliminate over 100 member service charges, giving member credit unions fee relief as they continue to operate in a low-interest, thin-margin market.

“2017 has been a remarkable year of earnings and membership growth,” said Nick Fanning, Corporate Central SVP/Chief Financial Officer. “In the face of heightened capital regulations, Corporate Central remained strong, which allowed us to provide members a safe place to deposit funds, offer greater access to liquidity, and supply value-added products and services that continue to help credit unions achieve and prosper.”

In a recent member satisfaction survey conducted by Member Loyalty Group, Corporate Central improved on their solid 2016 net promoter score of 67.7 to earn an impressive net promoter score of 81.3 in 2017, one of the highest in the financial services sector.

“Thanks to our members’ continued support, our success is truly their success. Giving back to our members isn’t just a token of appreciation, it’s the reason we exist. Our goal, our mission, and our passion is to help credit unions to be wildly successful,” noted Felton.

The corporate expects to close the year with nearly 10.3% in Tier 1 capital and over 13.6% in total capital.

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