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Kevin Chiappetta Presents Hedging Career Risk at 2023 CUNA Investment Certification eSchool

MILWAUKEE, WI – March 29, 2023 – Kevin Chiappetta, CFA, President of QuantyPhi, recently presented a session about Hedging Career Risk at the 2023 CUNA Investment Certification eSchool: Fundamentals.

Kevin Chiappetta, CFA, President of QuantyPhi.

According to CUNA, the eSchool provides attendees with a credit union-specific, fundamental understanding of investments. Attendees gain an understanding of the investment portfolio management discipline as a process, not simply a function of purchasing and selling investments. They develop a fundamental knowledge of investment return and risk measures, including application and advantages/disadvantages of each, and the mechanics of the trade. They also learn the basics in the development of investment strategy, explore the other side of the broker/dealer arrangement, and understand the role of the board of directors from a best practice perspective.

Chiappetta’s presentation, “Hedging Career Risk,” focused on building an investment portfolio to withstand the pressures of interest rate risk. He talked about being able to see how interest rate movements can impact a portfolio, and how managing these risks can help avoid the career limiting decisions that make headlines.

“This topic has been part of the program since the beginning,” Chiappetta said. “While we put this together well before the recent headlines, it surely is relevant and the impact of ignoring this is put in focus for credit unions.”

The eSchool is beneficial for CFOs, financial professionals, chief investment officers, investment analysts and accountants, controllers, comptrollers, auditors, risk managers, directors, ALCO members, volunteers, and CEOs.

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