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NASCUS Invites Grant Peyron to Present at Michigan Examiner School

MILWAUKEE, WI – November 10, 2021 – On Thursday, November 4, Grant Peyron, Financial Strategist at QuantyPhi, presented two segments at the Michigan Examiner School hosted by NASCUS.

Grant Peyron

Grant Peyron, Financial Strategist, QuantyPhi.

Peyron first provided an economic update, then he presented “The Battle Between Inflation – Stagflation vs Deflation.” The latter being an ongoing debate in today’s economy of which one of these forces will prevail.

“Each one of these scenarios have serious implications for the credit union industry and understanding the risks associated with each is key,” explained Peyron. “While this environment of uncertainty poses challenges for our industry, it highlights the importance of utilizing an investment portfolio to its fullest potential. QuantyPhi building customized benchmarks is the first step toward optimizing a credit union’s portfolio.”

According to the NASCUS website, the Michigan Examiner School is structured specifically for examiners, to build necessary skill sets and enhance their level of knowledge around a core area of topics. NASCUS presents a collective group of experts ranging from compliance to market risk, national issues, and loan profitability.

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