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ECCHO Education Library

To access a webinar, ECCHO members will need to login to view and play. If you do not have login credentials, you will be prompted to create an account. This page also provides information on the 411/911 for support. (Members who need help accessing can reach out to ECCHO direct.)

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ECCHO Returns and Adjustments Resource

For helpful links, sample documents, ECCHO member adjustment contact list*, and at-a-glance one-page documents to provide a simple overview of particular topics, like Rule 9 and the RDC Indemnity.

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* This resource is password protected. Please contact Corporate Central for the password to view this source.

ECCHO Homepage

To see what what ECCHO does and all the ways they can help your members regarding checks, including everything you want to know about NCP, the National Check Professional certification program.

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ECCHO Education Subscriber Fact Sheet

Learn more about ECCHO's Education Subscriber opportunity, an option for credit unions who are not currently ECCHO members but still want to take advantage of the education and support benefits.

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These questions are commonly received by ECCHO and serve as a general guidance.

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