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Emergifi Spearheads Business Resiliency at Corporate Central
Are you prepared for a massive failing over of critical systems? Corporate Central is, thanks to Emergifi. During a 2018 business continuity test, Corporate Central marked the first annual test in which staff was not relocated to a business recovery site. Instead, employees were instructed to conduct business at home or a remote location. Emergifi replicated a scenario where all critical systems failed over to run in a backup cloud environment. Technology enabled staff to work anywhere, any time, on any device. Staff used laptops, soft phones, virtual servers, and secure remote access tools to improve resiliency and flexibility. Corporate Central invoked the business continuity plan without impacting day-to-day operations or disrupting members. Results of the test were documented using individual checklists completed by staff. The comprehensive test of the business continuity plan was considered a success. If your credit union is evaluating your business continuity plan, is looking to migrate to cloud technology, or is interested in digital transformation, contact Emergifi for more information.

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