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Our CUSO offering custom-built credit union technology solutions is here! Emergifi provides credit union technology solutions that improve productivity and security, while reducing cost and risk. Given the incredible pace at which technology is changing, credit unions are challenged to do business faster, smarter and more efficiently – or risk getting left behind. As a result, cloud computing is rapidly becoming a primary driver of business transformation, giving credit unions a way to differentiate, disrupt and gain share in the market. Our managed, cloud-based approach offloads low value utility services and focuses your resources on high value initiatives.

Check out our new website to learn about our technology product and service offerings, and see the press release highlighting the launch of this innovative technology CUSO.

InterLutions is ecstatic about the success our members are experiencing through the new and innovative revenue enhancement solution, CU-Save.

CU-Save identifies previously undiscovered opportunities for growth and savings. The service helps credit unions align expenses with appropriate benchmarks and fosters quality, long-term supplier partnerships. By offering unique benchmarking analysis from industry experts, CU-Save helps credit unions negotiate competitive and value-added contracts.

“CU-Save helped our credit union negotiate contracts for our plastic cards and we were extremely happy with the results,” said Lisa Gilligan, President/CEO of N.E.W. Credit Union. “They were very professional to work with, little work was required on our part, and they helped find places to improve our bottom line. We will definitely utilize them for future contract negotiations.”

“I can trust that nothing will fall through the cracks,” said Kurt Johnson, CFO of Educators Credit Union. “Their track record for following through with the plan, both on time and on the money, is unquestionable.”

There’s still time to join the QuantyPhi team at CentralAlliance Credit Union on Wednesday, October 4 for a Strategic ALM Workshop.

Despite three Fed rate hikes, the future path of interest rates remains uncertain. Will the economy stumble in a higher rate environment forcing a reverse course or will the Fed have room to continue pushing fed funds higher?

As is always the case, the odds of successfully forecasting interest rates are no better than a coin flip. A solid ALM process remains critical to your credit union’s success. This workshop highlights best practices in the ALM arena.

The program is designed for CEO’s, CFO’s, ALCO members and financial management staff involved in actively managing the balance sheet. The session lays the foundation for developing an understanding of interest rate risk and key interest rate risk measurements. The afternoon agenda is designed for those directly responsible for monitoring and managing the credit union’s interest rate risk. Focus is on aligning investment analysis with balance sheet rate risk position.

Register for this valuable conference now!

Our Family of CUSOs

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