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International ACH

Sending wire transfers abroad can be costly and time consuming, which can leave your credit union searching for an international, electronic solution. Corporate Central offers credit unions the ability to streamline and simplify the process with FedGlobal ACH. Partnered with the Federal Reserve Bank, the nation’s largest ACH operator with more than 40 years of experience and ACH expertise, our solution offers your credit union an optimal international payments process. 

FedGlobal ACH payments offer an efficient, flexible option for sending cross-border ACH payments to 33 countries around the world, plus debit and credit payments to Canada. By utilizing Corporate Central’s FedGlobal solution, your credit union can benefit from a dependable, secure program that enables you to provide the best international ACH services to your credit union members.

Key benefits:

  • A range of foreign exchange options allows credit unions to take advantage of the efficiencies including: fixed-to-variable (U.S. dollars are converted to a variable amount of destination currency based on a competitive exchange rate); fixed-to-fixed (payments in U.S. dollars for transfer and receiving or payments in foreign currency for transfer and receiving)
  • Access to a foreign exchange resource center for a convenient reference tool that allows you to calculate settlement amounts for varying exchange rates and provides a history of exchange rates
  • Reduce risks with the FedGlobal Formatting Aid, a white-label tool designed to facilitate relevant disclosures about international ACH payments
  • International payments modules include integrated printable disclosures and reporting to help your credit union maintain compliance requirements, as regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Regulation E
  • The FedGlobal Canada Service enables U.S. credit unions to send accelerated clearing-time ACH credits and debits to Canada with the option of having the payment received in either Canadian or U.S. dollars

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